Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Greetings from frogville

Oh tragedy. I finally got my fabric on friday and I guess I wasn't as careful counting my starting place as I thought I was and ended up way off kilter after three days of work. I had to frog all of it, taking about 2 and half hours. So now I'm counting and basting as I should have done to begin with.
I'm working on a fat half of 32 count flax linen. I have to say I wish I had more fabric. Some squares are 80 x 80, some are 100 by 80, some are 60 by 100... but the end result is, there is not a lot of room for borders. So I guess that solves my border dilemna for me, though I'm not terribly thrilled about it.
Anyway I am getting a bit panicked about the mailing date after this error but I am telling myself not to look at the calendar. Slow and steady wins the race.


Katrina said...

That is terrible, I hate frogging. I am basted and working on the border. I need to be sure all my math and counting was correct. Then I just need to do my square. All my areas are 60 x 75 give or take one. I had to be a tiny bit creative to make my border come out right.

janec said...

wow really that small? maybe I should make my areas smaller... it's that prairie schooler birdhouse that is killing me, it's so big! it's like 100 stitches high.

Susan said...

I hate frogging!

My fabric is about the same size - I think I got it 30" x 30"; I'm not having a border - I've decided that I want something along the lines of the one that Patti posted in late April.

I don't have any restrictions on the sizes - if someone wants to stitch something small, that's okay, but I think I've got plenty of room for some larger pieces - I can always stitch areas when it comes back to me to fill in any spaces.

Don't worry too much about the mailing date - you're mailing to me :) - I can stitch quickly if need be :)

Milycap said...

Poor you Janec, I hate frogging too. I have to frog mine but just a little bit cos I've stitched the wheel barrow too close to the hanging post - plan to stitch it today.

Katrina said...

I think we decided 100x100 is the biggest so don't worry a bit. I just know I want mine to be very "busy" and all my areas very filled up with motifs so I made my squares a bit smaller :-).

Jane said...

Jane C, I'm so sorry you had to frog everything! I detest frogging and can't imagine doing it for 2-1/2 hours.


Jane B