Monday, December 24, 2007

Jane her RR on its way to Australia!

I did send Jane her RR to Georgie on Friday. Here you see what I have stitched on the RR.

Jane , I hope you like it!!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lynn's RR arrived last night!

I received Lynn's RR from Sue last night. It's looking great! I've already decided which chart to use and pulled the floss that I have. I plan to make a quick trip tomorrow to get the rest!

Here's a pic of what could fit on the scanner of Sue's and a tip of Lynn's stitching:

Lynn's RR on Dec 13 2007


Friday, November 30, 2007

RR Update

Georgie has Jane C's
Lynn has Susan's
Sue C
Jane B has received Lynn's
Katrina D has Sue's
Kathy B has posted Jane B's
Pat B has received Jane B's (is out of her office at the moment, so no reply)
Lisa R has received Katrina's
Jane C has received Kathy B's
Susan posted Lisa's, Received Pat B's
Karin will post on 1st January

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jane C

Wanted to give you a heads up that Kathy's RR is on it's way to you!


Friday, November 23, 2007

Karin's RR

Hi ladies,

Here's my part of the neighbourhood for Karin, I hope she likes it cos I have change the "Friends" from PS design in order to fit it into the block. Hugs, Lynn

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

RR on the Move!

Just wanted to post here as well as e-mailing the group- Jane B's RR is on the way to Maryland :)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pat B's Ready to Mail

Well I was really starting to think I wouldn't finish this but here I am, a few weeks ahead of the deadline and everything.
Pat's theme is an island, and of course every island should have a lighthouse. I've stitched the Pemaquid Point Light House from Maine Miniatures by Lorraine -- I grew up going to this area of Maine and this light house holds a special place in my heart. I was going to put a fish in the ocean and then I realized I needed to put in a lobster of course. He's from a Permin of Copenhagen sampler, and the geese are Prairie Schooler.
I worked hard on this one. It's a beautiful piece, Pat -- thanks for having me on a visit to your island!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jane B's RR!

This was fun! (says the Halloween fan. LOL)
All the motif are from The Drawn Thread- I love the way Cynthia "does" Halloween!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Karin's RR

G'day everyone!

The piece I stitched is on the right. I used bits from Hillside Samplings, Prairie Schooler, Blackbird Designs and Carriage House Samplings.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

RR Update

In light of everything that has been happening, I thought it might be a good idea if I put a list of who's got who's on the blog, so everyone knows where theirs is at all times. I saw this on Carol's blog and thought it was a great idea

Georgie Parker has Susan's piece
Lynn Capper has none - Karins is on it's way to Lynn
Sue Clout has Lynn and Georgie’s pieces - send Lynn's on Oct 15th
Jane Bancroft has none
Katrina Devine has Sue’s
Kathy Barnard has Jane’s
Pat Beach has Katrina’s
Lisa Roswell has Kathy’s
Jane Chick has Pat’s
Susan Ramsey has Lisa’s
Karin Zieren has Jane’s

Everyone will then send on 1st December as Katrina has stated in the new letter....

Monday, September 24, 2007

Halloween enabling

Have you seen the new one from Cross Eyed Cricket? Too gory? I dunno, I am loving this for some reason.

Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm done with Sue's RR!

Sue's as of Sept 17, 2007

Here is my part on Sue's RR. This is Summer House by Chessie & Me. I really like your layout, Sue, and the topper is perfect for a RR.

I plan to get this in the mail by Saturday. Actually, I have my fingers crossed for getting my act together tonight so it can go out tomorrow. I'll email all when it's on its way.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Jane's RR arrived in Ireland

Susan (and Jane),

the RR has arrived safely in Ireland!! It looks beautiful and it will be so much fun to look for the perfect house and bits 'n pieces to stitch.

Karin in Ireland

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jane C's RR jetting to Ireland

Image Hosting by
My section of Jane's RR.

Jane requested that someone stitch the church from Prairie Schooler's "A Prairie Village II", so I added that to the top corner.

Here's a picture of the RR so far:

Image Hosting by

Monday, August 27, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Jane's RR arrived in MA today- it's beautiful!!

I am off to find a spooky new addition to this Neighbourhood :)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Jane's Round Robin...

Is on the way :-). I used several pieces, Brightneedle's Ghoulies and Ghosties, Shepherd Bush's Happy Haunting and I got the tree from Rosewood Manor's A Forest Grew. I hope you like it Jane.

OMG Kathy!!!

I just got your incredible RR!!!!! It is just awesome, wonderful, etc..........
I can't wait to start stitching on it!!!!!!


(I can tell you now) I was so worried that it would get here ok! The main post office that all of our mail gets routed through was FLOODED!! I was hearing horror stories about mail floating in water, etc. This is the first time in 3 days that we actually received any mail! (unheard of for our mail box!lol!)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Patti's RR

Well, here is my picture of my stitched piece for Patti. I will send it onto Lynn asap

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Georgie's RR on the way to NZ

Georgie's RR is on the way to NZ. I have stitched a rose vine by the side of the house and a little dog. I reckon it looks a bit bare at the top but could make up what to stitch on it, so I left it blank in case Georgie has something in mind.

Enjoyed stitching this piece, cos the fabric is so soft.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Katrina's RR

Pat B., this will be in the mail today : )

Pat B's RR

Jane, it will be in the mail to you on Wed.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hi Guys

So sorry I forgot to post a picture of my Round Robin. Well here it is:

I really loved stitching it - but then again I love stitching everything so long as I give myself permission to do it. Long story - don't worry about it.

Anyway I can't remember what I wrote in the book (as I typed it out I thought I might have kept it but silly me I didn't) but I have included some WDW threads - you don't have to use them but can if you want. The fabric is 36ct and I really only want it stitched one over two please - can't remember if I said that or not. CRAFT has come here to stay and any of you that don't know what it is ... Can't Remember A F Thing! It just goes from bad to worse I swear!

I'm stitching on Karin's now and shall post a photo of it when it's done and on it's way to Georgie. Love you all. Patti xxx

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Susan her RR

I finsihed stitching on Susan her RR over a week ago but Blogger did not allow me to post anything! I tried for days and then I got visitors staying with me so no internet time!

Anyway I will give it another try LOL Susan I hope you like what I stitched. I think it suits your house really well.
I enjoyed stitching on the RR as I love Prairie Schooler designs :-)

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lisa's round robin - one more pic

Trying to get a better close-up added

Lisa's Round Robin - ready to mail

Hi Everyone! I put the last stitches in Lisa's round robin last night and it's ready to go. I stitched Moonlit Garden, which is one of the charts Lisa had kindly sent along with her round robin, and added some grass and a row of Prairie Schooler birds. I used the WDW called for in the chart and the grass is from GAST.
I really enjoyed stitching on your piece, Lisa! Hope you don't mind the blank space between our houses but I really couldn't decide what to put there. Maybe a gate? or that PS birdhouse? anyway I could never decide what would look right and so I will leave it empty. If you ever want to add more of the grass on my side it's Dried Thyme from GAST. or you could send it back and I can do it.
Sorry if the picture is blurry! My camera really strains and groans when it has to take pictures of close-up work, and I took them early this morning before the sun was all the way up, so it looks a bit darker than it really is.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Georgie's RR

Here's Georgie's NRR, haven't quite finished - there's a bit more that I wud like to stitch and then it will be sent on 15th Aug. As the shape of the house is quite similar to Georgie's I have stitched it at the bottom right corner.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Well I seem to have gone AWOL in Los Angeles - I mean I have always wanted to go to Disneyland and see LA but not in a bubble pack bag - I can think of more suitable forms of transport!

The long and the short of it is that my original package appears to have gone astray - the PO here tell me they can trace it as far as LA - I live in constant hope it will miraculously appear on Jane's doorstep before Number 2 parcel gets to her!!

I have been frantically stitching my topper for this RR and it is a sad effort compared to No 1 - I have also copied some of the charts I had copied previously and included some threads and the journal replacement - I just need another couple of days to put in the basic outline for all of you to follow and I can send it off to Jane by Tuesday/Wednesday. Katrina and Jane are working on a stitching schedule to fit in with this RR so I don't hold everyone up - thanks you two - and I will be pleased to wave goodbye to No 2 - I am not happy at the frantic stitching effort of the past few days to get this skeleton in the mail - I like things well planned and perfect and I feel this lies well short - the ugly duckling will be out my door this week and it won't be a moment too soon!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

No Sue's RR yet

I'm stitching on tiny pieces so I can be ready to drop everything once Sue's RR arrives. I remember a package I sent to Sue by airmail took 3 months to arrive at her doorstop. I hope her RR doesn't take as long!
Jane B

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Received Patti's

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that I have received Patti's from England. Just gorgeous, I must say! Will start on it this week

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lynn - your RR is here in NZ ...

it arrived all safe and sound yesterday and is just lovely - I am really looking forward to choosing "my house" and getting stitching!

Hugs Sue

Jane B - just wondering .....

if you have seen any sign of my RR arriving at your mailbox?? It seems to be taking it's time getting there and my "worry beads" are getting itchy!!

Hugs Sue in NZ

Other Neighborhood RR blogs

Hi! I found this blog the other day that some of you might enjoy looking at

And this woman is working on a neighborhood RR if you scroll down

Sorry if you all had already seen these, they were new to me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Look What was in my Mailbox Just Now !

Katrina- this is gorgeous!!
I am hunting now for the perfect house.

Lisa - one or two questions por favor

hi! just wanted to doublecheck a few things and I thought I'd post here in case anyone has the same questions.

When I stitch my name do you want it first letter upper case and the rest lower case, or all uppercase, or all lower case.

And I'm not sure where you want the houses to go. if i stitch a house right next to the one you stitched I think there will be a funny empty space to the right of my house that isn't quite big enough for another house - should I stitch my house all the way on the right side and leave the middle space empty, or just fill in that empty space? I just wasn't sure if you had an idea of where everyone's houses should go - did you want three on each row, or two?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

oops! here is a pic!

LINK over to my journal/blog for details :)

PS: I invited all to post to the blog as my RR travels- please LMK if you didn't get an invite so I can fix it! Thanks.


OK, My RR is finally ready to GO and will be on the way to Maryland in the morning, Priority Mail!!

I started a blog to use as a journal here! and I have invited everyone...

Sorry to be late (I HATE being late!!) and I am sooo happy to be back on track at last!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Karin Sorry

Hi Karin

So sorry I should have let you know earlier in the week when it actually arrived. Your round robin has arrived in my house all safe and sound. I haven't looked at it yet because I don't want to until I have finished mine.


Patti xxx

So Sorry

I'm late with my mailing. It will go out in the mornings mail!!

Be on the look out Jane!!



Received you RR yesterday!!! It's wonderful! Can't wait to start stitching on it!


Mailing at last

Phew! I'm finally finished. As you can see, the green grass has taken over my life lately. And then when you count frogging the birdhouse and the pond, I feel like I've ripped out more than I've put in lately but I'm so pleased with how it came out and I think I've captured just the feeling I was looking for.
I wanted this to be a place where you all can feel free to put in any sweet thing your hearts desire.

I realize this is quite big but don't worry, this is the biggest section in the whole piece, the others are smaller. I want to add some more leaves on the willow tree but I think that's just going to have to wait.

I started a header and border, you can get a look at that here:

Anyway thanks for your patience and I'm finally mailing!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Could you please e-mail me the list of who I'm to mail to? I can't find it anywhere!

It is here!!!

Susan her RR has made it safe to Ireland and will be enjoying spending some time here! :-)

It is beautiful and I will have fun to search the perfect design to go with it!!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I've mailed!

At work during lunch yesterday I put together my journal. It was a lot of fun to do. Then, after dinner, I stitched as much as I could. I'm in a good spot. I signed my area and basted the outer border. I'm delighted to report that today
It's in the mail!!!!!

I'm so happy to have pulled my act together. :)

Jane B

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

And Another One!

Well, I have been stitching madly to get mine good enough to leave me for 2 years... I will eventually add more to it, like more sky and more grass. I wouldn't mind adding some gorgeous charms I have, but didn't want to add them just yet...My theme is Reproduction Samplers and will stitch a heading when I get it back. I just ran out of time. I hope you like it (the little black dog is my dear little friend who I had for 16 years and died last September - Jessie)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Another one ready to fly around the world!

Yes!!! I did finish stitching and basting and have it ready to go into the mail!!

I love Prairie Schooler designs and style and thought the design F is for Friend is perfect for this RR which will go to my stitching friends around the world!


I'm just about ready to mail, too...

Image Hosting by

After some tossing and turning, I finally got started on mine. I've decided to go with a theme of "Friends and Neighbors". I'm not gridding off any areas - I'm going with the feel of the picture posted by Patti in late April.

My linen is 32ct Antique Ivory Belfast, and I stitched my section with DMC. I'm keeping the linen/floss selection simple so that I can wash it if need be.

I still need to baste the outside border, and to make up a journal, but I'll be ready to mail on Friday.

(I need to make a slight adjustment to the words in the block - I will probably add another motif in there)

Monday, May 28, 2007

Ready to go to NZ.

Yippeee! Finished but I will change the colour of the teapot when it comes back. I've used different patterns from SANQ Vol.1, PS and the house is from A Noble Pursuit. I would love to have the PS birdhouse somewhere on this piece. I'm not stitching a grid since I would like it to be non-symmetrical. I will post the journal by email rather than send it by post.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Greetings from frogville

Oh tragedy. I finally got my fabric on friday and I guess I wasn't as careful counting my starting place as I thought I was and ended up way off kilter after three days of work. I had to frog all of it, taking about 2 and half hours. So now I'm counting and basting as I should have done to begin with.
I'm working on a fat half of 32 count flax linen. I have to say I wish I had more fabric. Some squares are 80 x 80, some are 100 by 80, some are 60 by 100... but the end result is, there is not a lot of room for borders. So I guess that solves my border dilemna for me, though I'm not terribly thrilled about it.
Anyway I am getting a bit panicked about the mailing date after this error but I am telling myself not to look at the calendar. Slow and steady wins the race.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My progress so far

I stitched and stitched all weekend and only got a few inches done. Why is that always the way?? LOL At the moment I'm trying to get by outer edges done. Then I can fill in as time permits. I still have no ideas as far as partitioning off the fabric; however, I do have my journal paper! Here's a pic of where I am today. This is in the upper left corner of the fabric. Image hosted by
by likeherdingcats

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

What to do???

Now I'm torn - I really like the idea of doing houses in squares (a la "Houses of Hawk Run Hollow"), but I also like the sampler that Patti posted on April 28, where there are no restrictions as to size or placement etc.

Do I just toss a coin? Suggestions?

Monday, May 7, 2007

Here's the start of my RR

This is a pattern from Not Forgotten Farm. I'm going to include working copies of several charts with a Autumn/Halloween theme.
My fabric is 36 count Heritage by Picture This Plus


Monday, April 30, 2007

Neighbourhood Stitching!!

Here it is! Neighbourhood stitching, I thought it is very significant to use this pattern since we're a group of ladies stitching. I found this pattern from Sampler & Antique Needlework A Year in Stitches. This has bullion knots on the trees, satin stitch (grass, not quite finished) and Queen Stitch for the flowers - I really love using all different stitches. Trouble is I can't decide on the house yet, there're so many that I would love to stitch. I'm posting 2 pics cos they come out different in colour.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hi Everyone

Hope everyone is having a great time choosing what charts/styles they want to use because I sure am. I just wanted to check a couple of things with you all please.

I really love Ewe & Eye & Friends charts as well as Sheepish Designs and Blackbird Designs and Carriage House Samplings and, what I wanted to know is would anybody mind just either
(a) stitching half a chart and leaving the other half for another member to stitch because it is so long or big or something or
(b) just picking bits and pieces out of a chart to stitch?
If you will be stitching one half of a chart I will enclose the chart and the floss (if it is anything other than DMC) with my RR. Please let me know if you are not comfortable with either of these ideas.

I have finally decided on what fabric I am going to use and I am going to order it on Tuesday. It is from Crossed Wing and is called Whispering Pine and I just love it. I have had such a time choosing because I love most of their fabric but this one just has the edge as far as I am concerned though I do love April and Sky as well. I might just buy one of them to stitch Their Song on it because I can order both at the same time. I am going to order the Whispering Pine on 36 count and hope nobody has a problem with stitching on that count - I want it over two with one strand of floss/silk/thread because if you do then write and I shall order it on 32count instead but please let me know before Tuesday ok but either way I really want it stitched over 2 using one strand - but I shall enclose this instruction with my RR.

Last but by no means least the last post refers to:
a) Initials on the RR - if you look at the image above you will see that there aren't any initials dates or anything on it and that is really the way I would like it and;
b) I'm not sure about a border either and rather think I don't want one - what do the rest of you think?

I personally think that if any of us wants a border than it could be divided into 12 and each of us a do a bit of it - what do you all think about that? I have been studying this Sampler for ages and the things I like best about it are:

1) The fact that it isn't symmetrical but it the sides and top and bottom are and
2) The fact that people haven't just used one chart but taken bits from other charts and adapted it

Ok you will be pleased to know that this is all from me for now except to say that I hope everyone has a great weekend. Personally it's my 60th birthday on Monday and I have updated my blog with photos of my son's wedding so if you would like to see what I look like just click on My Blog and it will take you straight there.


Patti xxx

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Does anyone have

Chessie and Me's Shepherd's Garden? I know it's out of print but it is so sweet and I think it would fit

I've also ordered these three houses for my sampler - oddly they are winter but I like the shape, so I'll be changing the colors of one and sending the other two patterns along and hope people change the colors and surrounding elements!


Borders are stumping me - anyone have ideas for how we're all incorporating names?

Also I am having layout issues - is anyone Ok if I have two areas that are smaller than the others??

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Question about linen

Do you think a Summer Khaki will be too dark for a project like this??

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Finally! I am here :-)

Hello all!

First of all thank you for inviting me to join your round robin! I better introduce myself to those of you I haven't met yet.

I am Karin, 42 years and Dutch, married to Laurens and mother of one daughter who is now 10 called Marloes. We are from the Netherlands but have been living abroad for the last 18 years. Due to my husband his work we are transferred every few years. We have been living in Ireland for almost 5 years now and before moving here we have lived in Belgium, France, Jersey (Channel Islands) and again Belgium. When we were living in Belgium I met Katrina who didn't live that far from us. I have been stitching since I was about 15 years old and my stash has increased since discovering what was out there via the internet!

For any of you who would like to see what I have been up to stitching wise or see some personal photos please check out my album:

I must confess I need to update my latest finished stitching items. It is now time to make up my mind about how I want to lay out my round robin but luckily Katrina did send me a few links for inspiration!

Looking forward getting to know you all and the chatting!!

Greeting from Ireland,

Friday, April 20, 2007

OK! Time to get to work

I finally finished the quilt I was making, and Dutch Beauty all in the same day (yesterday). So now it's time to get to work!
I have a few house ideas to play with - and I'm leaning toward a "manors and mansions" plus lush flowers and animals theme. But there are so many houses to choose from!
I'm just not feeling farms and things.
I think it would be nice if my neighborhood has a church, too - not makin' a statement, just like the look - anyone seen a nice traditional church design small enough for this? Any thoughts or objections?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sob! Sob! My design's too big.

Grrrr! Peaceful Garden seems too big (about 8 x 7) over 2. I might have to rethink. I might have to change to this one that I bought this on Ebay today. Its a design by Goode Huswife

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Enabling! Halloween Theme

I thought this is a cool design by Glendon Place. Remember someone here wants an autumn or Halloween theme.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Question Please?

Hi Everyone
Could you all do me a favor please and let me know via the comments part here please please please
1. What count linen/evenweave you are going to use and
2. What size your piece of fabric is
because this way I will know if I have a piece that will do or have to order one for this.
Thanks a lot and happy stitching

Ok the other thing is I'm going to enable you all now with this other one I found by The Stitching Parlor and it's called
Birds of Killingworth
and I LOVE IT!!!
Patti xxx

Saturday, April 7, 2007

My Piece

Sorry ladies for the late reply. Regarding my piece - it is from The Stitching Parlor called Peaceful Garden, designed by Clara L. Blalock. You can see it on I've been having a busy period (2 months) running errands for friends - firstly looking after friend's dog for 2 weeks, then looking after neighbour's house for 2 months, today I'm looking after another friend's store for 1 day and my best friend's daughter flown in from Singapore for 4 days, which is why I haven't been visit this blog for sometime.


Thursday, April 5, 2007

What do you think of this?

I'm thinking of using this because where we are there's a building that looks like this one - its called . "Draculas".

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Floss Toss

I did my floss toss and took some pictures :-). My theme is A Country Neighborhood, lots of green, trees, animals and flowers. I am thinking about stitching a border too. I'd probably use the border on the DT Neighborhood piece. The other piece is my starting point for my theme. I am really looking forward to getting started. I need to finish up a few bits and pieces and then this will be my next project.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

You are all putting me to shame...

I haven't bought my fabric, picked my charts, or started stitching yet. :( - I'm in the finishing stages of stitching on Shepherd's Bush Earth Gatherers, and I'm afraid that if I put it down, it won't get picked up for several months (I'm on to the backstitching, so it's the final stretch). I hope to have this finished up in the next 2 weeks, and then I will get started on my RR.

I like everyone's ideas so far! Keep them coming!!

I've pulled out the charts: Chessie & Me, CHS, PS etc. Still no idea how I want it to be. I'm about to finish Marriage of Minds and I will start. Once I've started it won't take long.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

I've started stitching!

I've decided on a mainly birds and garden theme. I've pulled several charts to send along. I've started stitching Their Song by Blackbird designs to start.


Hi to Everyone from Sue in New Zealand

I am so looking forward to this RR and thank you so much for inviting me on board - I know a few ladies here and have enjoyed stitching previously with Katrina, Karin, Jane B and Pat and will be delighted to do so again - other names here are familiar and I do look forward to getting to know you all as we stitch our neighbuhood RR's,

A little about me for those that don't know me at all - My name is Sue and I am 49 years old and hanging on tight! - I live in Wellington, New Zealand and have been happily married to David for almost 29 years. We have three children Penny 21 and in her final year at Uni doing a teaching degree and still living at home because she is a "poor student"!, Michael 17 and in his final year at school - Mike would rather be playing sport than at school but that's the breaks! and Andrew who has just turned 16 and loves school! We also share our home with Ruby, our Golden Retriever who has been very sick but is on the mend now (one of the reasons I have been so slow with this intro!) Pippi and Pearl - our two cats and Elmo our aged cockatiel!

I have been stitching ever since I can remember and love CHS, Little by Little, La De Da, Examplars of the Heart to name but a few!

I work full time at a large and very busy Medical centre as well as moonlighting a couple of shifts each week at the local Emergency - I love my job and like the never knowing what is going to come through the doors - I think it is the adrenalin rush I am addicted to!

I have thought heaps about my "theme" for this RR and while my theme is fairly loose - sort of friendship and distance and the threads that bind these together using a pallete of Chessie & meets Sheepish Designs collides with Examplars of the Heart - lots of vines, flowers, houses and gardens, small animals especially cats, dogs and birds! Like I said .... fairly loose but the plan is there! I have my fabric pretty well chosen and the thread colours are floating around in my head - I will send threads with my RR as I want a "certain look" and would prefer a limited palette of like threads are used to retain this - I will also enclose a small journal!

I have stitched on many RR's but I am especially looking forward to this one as it is one I have long admired and coveted - so thank you again for including me - I just know this will be fun!

Hugs Sue

another bright idea, ollie!

After spending mucho time going through my stash, I came to the following conclusions/decisions:

a.) I have waaaay too much stash
b.) eBay, here I come! (to SELL, silly... LOL)
c.) while I have a fair amount of charts to support the construction of a whimsical neighbourhood, *I am changing my theme* to
d) a Neighbourhood of Carriage House Samplings, Barrick Samplers, Chartmakers and the Good Huswife

I am obssessed with those designs, have stitched several, and have TONS of their charts, old, new and freebies, to send along.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Who's Doing What?!

Hi everyone, I am curious as to what threads everyone is going to use and if they are going to send them along with their piece. Also, is everyone going to send charts or just requests of what they want? Inquiring minds would love to know!!! LOL

Friday, March 16, 2007

My fabric arrived - yippee!

I ordered a fat half of 32 ct. Sudden Storm from Silkweaver's a week ago and it's arrived already!!! I haven't opened the package yet since I'm not home at the moment. Later, for sure! Now for the pattern and the fibers I ordered to arrive.

I need to find what I did with the huge zip bag I have with a ton of house patterns in it. I had pulled likely candidates for the "without a U" Neighborhood RR I was in. I'll sure need it again and I'd like it to be handy. I'm sure I'll locate it by June!! LOL

I should introduce myself a little bit. I live in Olney, Md, located halfway between Baltimore, Md and Washington, DC (where I work). I have 5 cats and a kitten. The kitten is precious but driving my brother and I (and the adult cats) crazy with her youthful exuberance. We all live together in a nice townhouse in a nice neighborhood. We're still less than a mile from the rural farms with the cows, donkeys and horses. I love it!

I'm just-turned-50, single, and love to read adventure and mystery books and to cross stitch. I like watching reality shows (Survivor, American Idol, Amazing Race, America's Next Top Model, etc), Lost, Sunday Morning, 24 and Gray's Anatomy. I stitch while watching all of them except for Lost and 24 - I was missing too much!

I adore starting projects! (Don't you?) So many of the projects I finish are ones I started YEARS ago and finished currently. It took 7 days to stitch stretched out over 17 years. Cracks me up!

This RR is going to be so enjoyable!

Jane B.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hi All from London, England via New Jersey

Hi Everyone
I am really thrilled to be here. I haven't done a round robin in quite a few years and this one is really exciting me as I just love houses. I also love anything by CHS, Blackbird Designs, Bright Needle, Prairie Schooler, EE&F and The Drawn Thread to name but a few. I have only been stitching for around 10 years but have a somewhat large collection of everything to do with stitching and over the years my tastes have changed enormously.

I have lived in the England for almost 45 years though if you heard me speak you wouldn't think so as I am still a New Jerseyite by birth and mouth! I have been married to Larry a Brit through and through for almost 40 years and we have three children and two grandchildren and in April it is my big big birthday and I'm really not looking forward to it but our son is getting married two weeks earlier and that I'm looking forward to no end. I haven't worked for a number of years because I have M.S. and sympathy is definitely not allowed in any shape, form or size, and if it wasn't for the M.S. I wouldn't be stitching because I wouldn't have gotten bored.

Anyway right now I am looking through my not insubstantial stash to see what I shall start with. I am involved in some other exchanges as well and find them all really thrilling but none as big as this one.

Anyway no doubt see something of you all soon.

Patti xxx

Monday, March 12, 2007

Hi ladies, from Washington, D.C.

Hello ladies!

My name is Jane C, I live in Washington D.C. but I grew up in Massachusetts... nice to see another New Englander in the RR!
I am 30, not married, no kids or pets... I work as a television news producer. I have cross stitched since I was a girl but I have also been learning to quilt which has distracted me a little from my first love, so I am looking forward to having this project to keep me tied in to cross stitching.
I have participated in every Sampler House exchange on the Legacy board so I am a bonafide house lover. I am so excited you all decided to stitch a round robin!
I am just finishing up Dutch Beauty, you can see my work here...

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you better!
I really love the Dijon original and I am leaning toward a really lush flowery sampler, with lots of vines and animals and as little white space as possible. I might make the sampler a little bit smaller to accommodate that request :)
I am still trying to find a house I love to start off ... I can't decide, there are so many wonderful ones. I'm thinking Moira Blackburn at the moment.

One question I have though - like a lot of people, I absolutely fell in love with that original Prairie Schooler birdhouse - does anyone have that pattern or spotted where I could get one?! I do love it.

Can someone tell me about how large a piece of fabric you are getting?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Waving hi from Ohio

I'm Lisa. I live in Ohio. Am married to Mike and have 3 kids, Ryan (graduated from college last year and is out on his own)
Cody (A Freshman at Bowling Green) and Mariah (a sophomore in high school)
I'm an oncology nurse and work for a group of great Drs.
I love to cross stitch, and have been in 2 RR's.
Am so looking forward to this one. Am leaning toward Halloween/fall theme. Have pulled several patterns out and have ordered my fabric.
Can't wait to get started!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Hi from Gold Coast, Australia

Thanks to Katrina for organising this. Ever since I saw this RR I've been wanting to do one since "houses" is one of my favourites. I don't have a theme but I will write down what I like when I send my piece away. BTW, I'm not computer savvy so posting might be a problem and will have to rely on your expertise to help me at some stage. I love PS, CHS and have collected quite a few patterns over the last 6 months.

I am 52 married with 2 children - Andrea (girl) lives in London with her husband, Phil (Geologist) and Andrew (son) lives in Singapore - working as an architect. Where we live, we have the best of both worlds - on the East is the sea and on the West is Hinterland.

I can wait to start this!

Hugs to all!


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hi from Chicago

A big thank you to Georgie for inviting me to join this RR. I met Georgie at the Shepherd's Bush retreat in Utah last year, and we have so much in common that I jumped at the chance to be in this RR with her.

I've participated in a number of RRs in the past, but haven't done anything for a couple of years, so I'm looking forward to being in another one.

I haven't given a lot of thought to what theme I want, but I'm leaning towards a rural theme using Prairie Schooler designs. I may change my mind in the next few weeks, though!

Anyway, a little about me. My name is Susan, and I live in Chicago with my DH and DS (age 6). I love big city living, but miss the convenience of having an LNS nearby. The advantage with this, though, is that I don't make impulse stash purchases these days, but I still like to see what's out there!

I really like the international flavor that we've got in our group, and I hope to get to know more about you all in the coming months.

Thanks to Katrina and Georgie for organizing this!

Greeting from Massachusetts!

Hello everyone-

Glad to be here... I have been admiring all the wonderful Neighborhood RRs on the Legacy EZ-Board, and so wanting to join one- & thanks to Katrina, here I am!

I am Kathy Barnard in MA- here is a little squib about me :)
I am 50, live here in the currently *freezing* Northeastern U.S.A.
Wife to Jeff and Mom to Sean, age 30; I am also owned by FC, the very cranky 15 year old kitty.
I am an R.N., work the night shift at a very busy inner city hospital, in the Acute Care Float Pool- gotta love it, something different every night.
I've been seriously into stitching for about 11-12 years and am quite the fabric collector - love that linen!
Fave designers include CHS, Blackbird Designs, Little House Needleworks, Prairie Schooler, EE&F and The Drawn Thread.

As far as this RR, wooHOO! I am currently sifting through my *ahem* copious collection of fabric, and just hemming and hawing along- I will use a 32 or 36 count linen.

I am thinking either Autumn/Halloween or Whimsical/flowery/creatures, and once I decide, the perfect fabric will just pop out at me.

Once again, glad to be here and greetings to all!!

Hello! I'm so thrilled to be here.

I'm pleased to see I also know a few stitchers in the group. I'm looking forward to renewing old friendships and creating new ones. I love our inspiration piece and am delighted to see the attributes for the designs.

I was in The Neighborhood RR (no "u") and am finishing up a couple of empty spots. In that piece I wanted alphabets and lots of animals. I've already started a folder of possible ideas for this RR and am leaning strongly (very strongly!) towards a Halloween Town.


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Piece that Started it All...

Ever since the first time I saw this piece, I've wanted to do a Neighborhood Round Robin. It was stitched by a group of French ladies and, in my humble opinion, it is one of the most stunning pieces I've ever seen. One of the ladies on the Legacy board actually did a fair bit of research and put together a list of the designs used on this piece. Hopefully I won't offend anyone by cutting and pasting it here :-). I thought it might give everyone a good starting point. I am sorry if I am overdoing it here.

Top Row
- Section 1 Brick house and gate- (PS The Three Pigs)
- Section 2 Center house with red roof
- Section 3 Blue house with vine growing over top
Middle Row
- Section 1 - Yellow house with vine growing toward top of house
- Section 2 Small brick house with white fence (PS Trick or Treat)
- Section 3 - White birdhouse with yellow sunflowers (PS OOP House and Garden)
- Section 4 - Pink/rose brick house with brown roof and girl in foreground
- Section 5 - White house with vine over house (To Have and To Hold - R&R is similar)
Botttom row
- Section 1 - Blue two story house and half tree with man in foreground (P.S. Sunshine and Shadow - they changed the house color from white to blue) (Spring Miniatures by Prairie schooler - for rabbit)
- Section 2 - Blue roof house
- Section 3 - Red Brick house with two chimneys- The Town House Sampler, by The Sampler Company

- blue peacock -(Goode Huswife - Pumpkins and peacocks) or Sheepish Designs - The Garden Path. This house also looks very similar, looks like they adapted their design from this one.
Pattern Lists: The following patterns were used in the piece:
Prairie Schooler "Trick or Treat
P.S. The Three Pigs (I see this one in the top left corner)
P.S. Sunshine and Shadows (I see this one bottom left)
P.S. Village Green- This pattern has several houses, but they are not in the design, though the bottom picture with the church, the one with the little steeple…looks very close to it
They also mention Garden Samplers - the large birdhouse in the centre, section 5 pink house, just add a window or two, and two little chimneys.
DT For the Birds is mentioned (may be used for all the critters -- though there is only one bird on section 5 - middle row that looks like the robins in the center of the DT pattern.)
Peacock -- suggested design - Goode Huswife - Pumpkins and peacocks -- use an overdyed teal or turquoise/green fiber and you'll be very close to the one on the sampler
Apparently some of Moira Blackburn's samplers were incorporated as well.
The shepherdess on the right with all the sheep on the hillside comes from Moira Blackburn's The Announcement.

I must be crazy because I've decided to participate in two Neighborhood groups. Luckily the mailing dates are opposite months so I should be able to keep up. I am so excited about this group, I know quite a few of you very well and I look forward to getting to know the rest of you.

Monday, March 5, 2007


Hi everyone and welcome to our Neighbourhood! I know Neighbourhood is spelt a little differently, but I am from Australia and that's how we spell it! LOL