Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hi to Everyone from Sue in New Zealand

I am so looking forward to this RR and thank you so much for inviting me on board - I know a few ladies here and have enjoyed stitching previously with Katrina, Karin, Jane B and Pat and will be delighted to do so again - other names here are familiar and I do look forward to getting to know you all as we stitch our neighbuhood RR's,

A little about me for those that don't know me at all - My name is Sue and I am 49 years old and hanging on tight! - I live in Wellington, New Zealand and have been happily married to David for almost 29 years. We have three children Penny 21 and in her final year at Uni doing a teaching degree and still living at home because she is a "poor student"!, Michael 17 and in his final year at school - Mike would rather be playing sport than at school but that's the breaks! and Andrew who has just turned 16 and loves school! We also share our home with Ruby, our Golden Retriever who has been very sick but is on the mend now (one of the reasons I have been so slow with this intro!) Pippi and Pearl - our two cats and Elmo our aged cockatiel!

I have been stitching ever since I can remember and love CHS, Little by Little, La De Da, Examplars of the Heart to name but a few!

I work full time at a large and very busy Medical centre as well as moonlighting a couple of shifts each week at the local Emergency - I love my job and like the never knowing what is going to come through the doors - I think it is the adrenalin rush I am addicted to!

I have thought heaps about my "theme" for this RR and while my theme is fairly loose - sort of friendship and distance and the threads that bind these together using a pallete of Chessie & meets Sheepish Designs collides with Examplars of the Heart - lots of vines, flowers, houses and gardens, small animals especially cats, dogs and birds! Like I said .... fairly loose but the plan is there! I have my fabric pretty well chosen and the thread colours are floating around in my head - I will send threads with my RR as I want a "certain look" and would prefer a limited palette of like threads are used to retain this - I will also enclose a small journal!

I have stitched on many RR's but I am especially looking forward to this one as it is one I have long admired and coveted - so thank you again for including me - I just know this will be fun!

Hugs Sue


Lisa said...

Hi Sue! I'm really looking forward to this RR too! I've actually started stitching!


Georgie said...

Welcome, Sue! Glad to hear Ruby is much better....

Lynn said...

Hi Sue!

Glad to hear from you and reading your introduction. I'm looking forward to this as it is my first RR.


Sue said...

Lisa that is really a little scary - I've done losts of thinking but....!

Georgie - Ruby is a much happier dog - her tail is wagging and she even feels like going for a walk - the pills on the other hand are a daily challenge - poor David has raw knuckles prising her jaw open!

Hugs Sue

Katrina said...

Hi Sue! I've stitched on enough of your Round Robins, I know it will be gorgeous :-).

KathyInStitches said...

Good morning, Sue- happy to meet you.
Wonderful theme you chose.
This is my first Neighbourhood RR and I am looking forward to lots of great stitching!