Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Greeting from Massachusetts!

Hello everyone-

Glad to be here... I have been admiring all the wonderful Neighborhood RRs on the Legacy EZ-Board, and so wanting to join one- & thanks to Katrina, here I am!

I am Kathy Barnard in MA- here is a little squib about me :)
I am 50, live here in the currently *freezing* Northeastern U.S.A.
Wife to Jeff and Mom to Sean, age 30; I am also owned by FC, the very cranky 15 year old kitty.
I am an R.N., work the night shift at a very busy inner city hospital, in the Acute Care Float Pool- gotta love it, something different every night.
I've been seriously into stitching for about 11-12 years and am quite the fabric collector - love that linen!
Fave designers include CHS, Blackbird Designs, Little House Needleworks, Prairie Schooler, EE&F and The Drawn Thread.

As far as this RR, wooHOO! I am currently sifting through my *ahem* copious collection of fabric, and just hemming and hawing along- I will use a 32 or 36 count linen.

I am thinking either Autumn/Halloween or Whimsical/flowery/creatures, and once I decide, the perfect fabric will just pop out at me.

Once again, glad to be here and greetings to all!!


Georgie said...

Hi Kathy! I love the sound of the Autumn theme! I've started gridding my fabric and it's 36ct too....

Katrina said...

Hi Kathy, all your ideas sound great :-). I love the autumn/Halloween idea. I am going with either a country home, house in the woods kind of thing or a garden/critters piece.

Susan said...

Hi, Kathy! Nice to meet you.

Lisa said...

Hey Kathy!!
Great to see you here!!
I love both of your ideas!


janec said...

Oh I really hope those of you who are leaning toward a Halloween theme do it cause see so many great "haunted" houses out there