Saturday, March 24, 2007

another bright idea, ollie!

After spending mucho time going through my stash, I came to the following conclusions/decisions:

a.) I have waaaay too much stash
b.) eBay, here I come! (to SELL, silly... LOL)
c.) while I have a fair amount of charts to support the construction of a whimsical neighbourhood, *I am changing my theme* to
d) a Neighbourhood of Carriage House Samplings, Barrick Samplers, Chartmakers and the Good Huswife

I am obssessed with those designs, have stitched several, and have TONS of their charts, old, new and freebies, to send along.



Katrina said...

Woohoo, I love GH, CHS and Chartmakers! This is going to be so, so much fun :-).

Sue said...

I will love working on your RR as these are amongst my all time favourites !! Great choices.

Lisa said...

Kathy, can't wait to stitch on it!!


Georgie said...

Love the these type of patterns!

Lynn said...

This sounds exciting!!