Monday, March 12, 2007

Hi ladies, from Washington, D.C.

Hello ladies!

My name is Jane C, I live in Washington D.C. but I grew up in Massachusetts... nice to see another New Englander in the RR!
I am 30, not married, no kids or pets... I work as a television news producer. I have cross stitched since I was a girl but I have also been learning to quilt which has distracted me a little from my first love, so I am looking forward to having this project to keep me tied in to cross stitching.
I have participated in every Sampler House exchange on the Legacy board so I am a bonafide house lover. I am so excited you all decided to stitch a round robin!
I am just finishing up Dutch Beauty, you can see my work here...

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you better!
I really love the Dijon original and I am leaning toward a really lush flowery sampler, with lots of vines and animals and as little white space as possible. I might make the sampler a little bit smaller to accommodate that request :)
I am still trying to find a house I love to start off ... I can't decide, there are so many wonderful ones. I'm thinking Moira Blackburn at the moment.

One question I have though - like a lot of people, I absolutely fell in love with that original Prairie Schooler birdhouse - does anyone have that pattern or spotted where I could get one?! I do love it.

Can someone tell me about how large a piece of fabric you are getting?


KathyInStitches said...

Good morning, Jane-

Happy to meet you.
I hopped over to your album and your Dutch Beauty is *wonderful*!

I love to stitch houses too :D (alphabets and hearts are my other obsessions)

Oh! the birdhouse you like from PS is from PS #45: Garden Samplers

Is stitches-

Katrina said...

Jane! I am so excited about this round robin and like you I want as little "white space" as possible. I was thinking of making mine 80 x 80 or so to accomodate that.

Love your Dutch Beauty piece :-).

Georgie said...

Hi Jane, I have Garden Samplers....I can use it on yours if you like! I also want little white space on mine, so please feel free to continue with a pond into your square, etc! LOL

Lynn said...

Hi Jane,

I think you should have no problem getting the PS birdhouse stitched on your piece as I'm sure at least one person here has it.

Now, I must go and take a look at your DB (I did one years ago).


Georgie said...

I have the Birdhouse, so I can stitch it if no one else does

Susan said...

Hi, Jane. I haven't given any thought as yet to what size piece of fabric I'm going to get for this RR - I'm definitely going to have to start thinking!

Lisa said...

Jane, your DB is incredible!!
I haven't sat down and figured out the size my fabric needs to be yet. I do have several charts in mind though, so I guess that's something.


Patti said...

I just posted a comment on your DB. That is just FABULOUS!!! I've had to stop saying 'Oh my G-d' because of my grandchildren. But this is exquisite!!

janec said...

Duh I am so dumb, I read the blog in bloglines and didn't even realize I had comments to read. yay!!
Kathy - thank you for the nice DB comments. It is languishing and loooking at me very reproachfully while I hadnquilt a baby gift but you know after four years I guess it can wait a bit more.

I'm so excited about this project. I think I want to do borders too, is anyone else thinking of prestitching borders?

Georgie and Katrina we are united in our aversion to white space :)

Oh and Georgie! Bless you! Hurrah! I can't wait for the birdhouse. Oh now I am so excited. Have you seen the prices this pattern is going for on Ebay? US $150?!

And thank you for the DB love Lisa nad Patti...
This project will be even more beautiful!