Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hi All from London, England via New Jersey

Hi Everyone
I am really thrilled to be here. I haven't done a round robin in quite a few years and this one is really exciting me as I just love houses. I also love anything by CHS, Blackbird Designs, Bright Needle, Prairie Schooler, EE&F and The Drawn Thread to name but a few. I have only been stitching for around 10 years but have a somewhat large collection of everything to do with stitching and over the years my tastes have changed enormously.

I have lived in the England for almost 45 years though if you heard me speak you wouldn't think so as I am still a New Jerseyite by birth and mouth! I have been married to Larry a Brit through and through for almost 40 years and we have three children and two grandchildren and in April it is my big big birthday and I'm really not looking forward to it but our son is getting married two weeks earlier and that I'm looking forward to no end. I haven't worked for a number of years because I have M.S. and sympathy is definitely not allowed in any shape, form or size, and if it wasn't for the M.S. I wouldn't be stitching because I wouldn't have gotten bored.

Anyway right now I am looking through my not insubstantial stash to see what I shall start with. I am involved in some other exchanges as well and find them all really thrilling but none as big as this one.

Anyway no doubt see something of you all soon.

Patti xxx


Susan said...

Hi, Patti - nice to "meet you" - this is definitely going to be a fun RR

Georgie said...

Hi Patti! Welcome! You are going to love it!

KathyInStitches said...

Hi Patti!
Nice to meet you- and so look forward to this RR :)

Lisa said...

Hi Patti! My mom loves England!! She's been once and I'm sure would move in a minute if she could.
I'd love to go someday.


Patti said...

Thank you all so much for your warm welcomes. It was unexpected - don't know why it just was. Guess I'm still feeling fragile. But I really really appreciate it.

Patti xxx

Lynn said...

Hello Patti,

Welcome and look forward to this.