Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Piece that Started it All...

Ever since the first time I saw this piece, I've wanted to do a Neighborhood Round Robin. It was stitched by a group of French ladies and, in my humble opinion, it is one of the most stunning pieces I've ever seen. One of the ladies on the Legacy board actually did a fair bit of research and put together a list of the designs used on this piece. Hopefully I won't offend anyone by cutting and pasting it here :-). I thought it might give everyone a good starting point. I am sorry if I am overdoing it here.

Top Row
- Section 1 Brick house and gate- (PS The Three Pigs)
- Section 2 Center house with red roof
- Section 3 Blue house with vine growing over top
Middle Row
- Section 1 - Yellow house with vine growing toward top of house
- Section 2 Small brick house with white fence (PS Trick or Treat)
- Section 3 - White birdhouse with yellow sunflowers (PS OOP House and Garden)
- Section 4 - Pink/rose brick house with brown roof and girl in foreground
- Section 5 - White house with vine over house (To Have and To Hold - R&R is similar)
Botttom row
- Section 1 - Blue two story house and half tree with man in foreground (P.S. Sunshine and Shadow - they changed the house color from white to blue) (Spring Miniatures by Prairie schooler - for rabbit)
- Section 2 - Blue roof house
- Section 3 - Red Brick house with two chimneys- The Town House Sampler, by The Sampler Company

- blue peacock -(Goode Huswife - Pumpkins and peacocks) or Sheepish Designs - The Garden Path. This house also looks very similar, looks like they adapted their design from this one.
Pattern Lists: The following patterns were used in the piece:
Prairie Schooler "Trick or Treat
P.S. The Three Pigs (I see this one in the top left corner)
P.S. Sunshine and Shadows (I see this one bottom left)
P.S. Village Green- This pattern has several houses, but they are not in the design, though the bottom picture with the church, the one with the little steeple…looks very close to it
They also mention Garden Samplers - the large birdhouse in the centre, section 5 pink house, just add a window or two, and two little chimneys.
DT For the Birds is mentioned (may be used for all the critters -- though there is only one bird on section 5 - middle row that looks like the robins in the center of the DT pattern.)
Peacock -- suggested design - Goode Huswife - Pumpkins and peacocks -- use an overdyed teal or turquoise/green fiber and you'll be very close to the one on the sampler
Apparently some of Moira Blackburn's samplers were incorporated as well.
The shepherdess on the right with all the sheep on the hillside comes from Moira Blackburn's The Announcement.

I must be crazy because I've decided to participate in two Neighborhood groups. Luckily the mailing dates are opposite months so I should be able to keep up. I am so excited about this group, I know quite a few of you very well and I look forward to getting to know the rest of you.


Georgie said...

This is the piece that started it for me too! I think it is the RR of all RR's!!!!!!! If mine could end up something like this, then I would be very one happy lady!!!

Georgie said...

I have the two OOP PS designs if anyone wants me to use them on theirs

Patti said...

I so want this round robin it just isn't true. I can't wait to start on this - just have to decide on what fabric I'm going to use - whatever it is it will be 36ct and hope everyone is ok with stitching on 36ct with one strand of floss/silk whatever. I LOVE THIS and if mine turns out something like this I will, too be, a very happy lady.

Susan said...

I've always loved that bird feeder from the OOP PS!

KathyInStitches said...

oooh, that RR!
It is what got me just so eager to join a RR group- what fun!!!

Lisa said...

That RR is just amazing!!


Lynn said...

I'm so glad that we have an international group. Yes, Georgie, I love PS designs.