Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lynn - your RR is here in NZ ...

it arrived all safe and sound yesterday and is just lovely - I am really looking forward to choosing "my house" and getting stitching!

Hugs Sue

Jane B - just wondering .....

if you have seen any sign of my RR arriving at your mailbox?? It seems to be taking it's time getting there and my "worry beads" are getting itchy!!

Hugs Sue in NZ

Other Neighborhood RR blogs

Hi! I found this blog the other day that some of you might enjoy looking at

And this woman is working on a neighborhood RR if you scroll down

Sorry if you all had already seen these, they were new to me.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Look What was in my Mailbox Just Now !

Katrina- this is gorgeous!!
I am hunting now for the perfect house.

Lisa - one or two questions por favor

hi! just wanted to doublecheck a few things and I thought I'd post here in case anyone has the same questions.

When I stitch my name do you want it first letter upper case and the rest lower case, or all uppercase, or all lower case.

And I'm not sure where you want the houses to go. if i stitch a house right next to the one you stitched I think there will be a funny empty space to the right of my house that isn't quite big enough for another house - should I stitch my house all the way on the right side and leave the middle space empty, or just fill in that empty space? I just wasn't sure if you had an idea of where everyone's houses should go - did you want three on each row, or two?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

oops! here is a pic!

LINK over to my journal/blog for details :)

PS: I invited all to post to the blog as my RR travels- please LMK if you didn't get an invite so I can fix it! Thanks.


OK, My RR is finally ready to GO and will be on the way to Maryland in the morning, Priority Mail!!

I started a blog to use as a journal here! and I have invited everyone...

Sorry to be late (I HATE being late!!) and I am sooo happy to be back on track at last!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Karin Sorry

Hi Karin

So sorry I should have let you know earlier in the week when it actually arrived. Your round robin has arrived in my house all safe and sound. I haven't looked at it yet because I don't want to until I have finished mine.


Patti xxx

So Sorry

I'm late with my mailing. It will go out in the mornings mail!!

Be on the look out Jane!!



Received you RR yesterday!!! It's wonderful! Can't wait to start stitching on it!


Mailing at last

Phew! I'm finally finished. As you can see, the green grass has taken over my life lately. And then when you count frogging the birdhouse and the pond, I feel like I've ripped out more than I've put in lately but I'm so pleased with how it came out and I think I've captured just the feeling I was looking for.
I wanted this to be a place where you all can feel free to put in any sweet thing your hearts desire.

I realize this is quite big but don't worry, this is the biggest section in the whole piece, the others are smaller. I want to add some more leaves on the willow tree but I think that's just going to have to wait.

I started a header and border, you can get a look at that here:

Anyway thanks for your patience and I'm finally mailing!

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Could you please e-mail me the list of who I'm to mail to? I can't find it anywhere!

It is here!!!

Susan her RR has made it safe to Ireland and will be enjoying spending some time here! :-)

It is beautiful and I will have fun to search the perfect design to go with it!!!


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I've mailed!

At work during lunch yesterday I put together my journal. It was a lot of fun to do. Then, after dinner, I stitched as much as I could. I'm in a good spot. I signed my area and basted the outer border. I'm delighted to report that today
It's in the mail!!!!!

I'm so happy to have pulled my act together. :)

Jane B

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

And Another One!

Well, I have been stitching madly to get mine good enough to leave me for 2 years... I will eventually add more to it, like more sky and more grass. I wouldn't mind adding some gorgeous charms I have, but didn't want to add them just yet...My theme is Reproduction Samplers and will stitch a heading when I get it back. I just ran out of time. I hope you like it (the little black dog is my dear little friend who I had for 16 years and died last September - Jessie)