Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Lisa - one or two questions por favor

hi! just wanted to doublecheck a few things and I thought I'd post here in case anyone has the same questions.

When I stitch my name do you want it first letter upper case and the rest lower case, or all uppercase, or all lower case.

And I'm not sure where you want the houses to go. if i stitch a house right next to the one you stitched I think there will be a funny empty space to the right of my house that isn't quite big enough for another house - should I stitch my house all the way on the right side and leave the middle space empty, or just fill in that empty space? I just wasn't sure if you had an idea of where everyone's houses should go - did you want three on each row, or two?


Lisa said...

hey Jane,
It doesn't matter to me how you stitch your name, you decide! As far as the house goes, that doesn't matter to me either. I plan on stitching small things to fill in the empty spots. You can stitch on the top, bottom, wherever!


Lisa said...

Jane, I was thinking 2 houses per row.


janec said...

ah perfect that helps