Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hi from Chicago

A big thank you to Georgie for inviting me to join this RR. I met Georgie at the Shepherd's Bush retreat in Utah last year, and we have so much in common that I jumped at the chance to be in this RR with her.

I've participated in a number of RRs in the past, but haven't done anything for a couple of years, so I'm looking forward to being in another one.

I haven't given a lot of thought to what theme I want, but I'm leaning towards a rural theme using Prairie Schooler designs. I may change my mind in the next few weeks, though!

Anyway, a little about me. My name is Susan, and I live in Chicago with my DH and DS (age 6). I love big city living, but miss the convenience of having an LNS nearby. The advantage with this, though, is that I don't make impulse stash purchases these days, but I still like to see what's out there!

I really like the international flavor that we've got in our group, and I hope to get to know more about you all in the coming months.

Thanks to Katrina and Georgie for organizing this!


Georgie said...

G'day Susan! Great to have you on board.....I love the Prairie Schooler theme....I can tell I'm going to get obsessed with these RR's!!

Katrina said...

Rural PS sounds like fun! I order the newest charts with the houses on the bottom yesterday :-).

KathyInStitches said...

Pleased to meet you :)
I like PS too- she just keeps on creating wonderful designs!

Lisa said...

Hi Susan,
Can't wait to get started! I too love PS!