Thursday, April 26, 2007

Does anyone have

Chessie and Me's Shepherd's Garden? I know it's out of print but it is so sweet and I think it would fit

I've also ordered these three houses for my sampler - oddly they are winter but I like the shape, so I'll be changing the colors of one and sending the other two patterns along and hope people change the colors and surrounding elements!


Borders are stumping me - anyone have ideas for how we're all incorporating names?

Also I am having layout issues - is anyone Ok if I have two areas that are smaller than the others??


Milycap said...

I love the houses, they're beautiful.

Sue said...

Starry night is especially gorgeous! Perfect size too! I have no ideas about names except that I don't want them too obvious - I I want the houses and neighbourhood to stand out so I was wondering if I may get the names atitched through a viney "border" on the sides only - just a thought. I also think irregular shaped areas make the piece much more interesting - it is not so uniform or rigid - so yes smaller and larger areas would be great! .

Georgie said...

I really love the first two houses!!! Great choice!!! Definitely go for all different shapes and sizes

Patti said...

I agree 100% with what Georgie said. I love the idea of different shapes and sizes so I'm not going to make mine into blocks or anything. I hope nobody has a problem with that though because I really want it sort of random like one of the ones that has been already done.

Lisa said...

As far as the names~I'm thinking of stitching a alphabet and numbers at the bottom (kinda like Quaker style) and having everyone add their name there.