Friday, April 20, 2007

OK! Time to get to work

I finally finished the quilt I was making, and Dutch Beauty all in the same day (yesterday). So now it's time to get to work!
I have a few house ideas to play with - and I'm leaning toward a "manors and mansions" plus lush flowers and animals theme. But there are so many houses to choose from!
I'm just not feeling farms and things.
I think it would be nice if my neighborhood has a church, too - not makin' a statement, just like the look - anyone seen a nice traditional church design small enough for this? Any thoughts or objections?


Katrina said...

I want a church too! I think there's a cute one in one of the old Prairie Schooler pieces. It's called Village or something along those lines. I was just thinking today I need to get busy on my round robin.

BTW, congrats on the finishes, that's amazing a quilt and DB! I'd love to see pictures.

KathyInStitches said...

The teeny church on CHS "Sabbath Day" is *really* cute... or the VOHRH one.

PS: woohoo on finishing DB :)
it is one of my UFO... someday...

KathyInStitches said...

also- the Town Square freebies that came out last year have the cutest church from La-D-Da!

janec said...

Oh thanks for the great ideas - I'll check them out.
Here are links to my two big finishes, thanks!

Georgie said...

On the Town Square 2006 CD has a really cute castle from Monster Bubbles. Thought that might look okay on someones piece

Patti said...

Your quilt and DB is simply amazing. I think everyone should have what they want on their round robin. I am Jewish so guess a church wouldn't be a great idea on mine but I would stitch one on somebody else's round robin no problem at all.

P.S. i don't want a Synagogue either not that I think one has been charted. I just want ... well I'll tell you when I send out my round robin because maybe I will have made up my mind by then - not that I'm a procrastinator = NOT MUCH I'M NOT!!!

janec said...

I have PS Schooler #70 that has the church you described Katrina - that looks perfect - I'll send it along in my packet in case the mood strikes anyone. I also love the church in VOHRH if anyone already has that and wants to stitch it - I won't buy it just for this.

Thanks much for all the nice congrats!