Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hi Everyone

Hope everyone is having a great time choosing what charts/styles they want to use because I sure am. I just wanted to check a couple of things with you all please.

I really love Ewe & Eye & Friends charts as well as Sheepish Designs and Blackbird Designs and Carriage House Samplings and, what I wanted to know is would anybody mind just either
(a) stitching half a chart and leaving the other half for another member to stitch because it is so long or big or something or
(b) just picking bits and pieces out of a chart to stitch?
If you will be stitching one half of a chart I will enclose the chart and the floss (if it is anything other than DMC) with my RR. Please let me know if you are not comfortable with either of these ideas.

I have finally decided on what fabric I am going to use and I am going to order it on Tuesday. It is from Crossed Wing and is called Whispering Pine and I just love it. I have had such a time choosing because I love most of their fabric but this one just has the edge as far as I am concerned though I do love April and Sky as well. I might just buy one of them to stitch Their Song on it because I can order both at the same time. I am going to order the Whispering Pine on 36 count and hope nobody has a problem with stitching on that count - I want it over two with one strand of floss/silk/thread because if you do then write and I shall order it on 32count instead but please let me know before Tuesday ok but either way I really want it stitched over 2 using one strand - but I shall enclose this instruction with my RR.

Last but by no means least the last post refers to:
a) Initials on the RR - if you look at the image above you will see that there aren't any initials dates or anything on it and that is really the way I would like it and;
b) I'm not sure about a border either and rather think I don't want one - what do the rest of you think?

I personally think that if any of us wants a border than it could be divided into 12 and each of us a do a bit of it - what do you all think about that? I have been studying this Sampler for ages and the things I like best about it are:

1) The fact that it isn't symmetrical but it the sides and top and bottom are and
2) The fact that people haven't just used one chart but taken bits from other charts and adapted it

Ok you will be pleased to know that this is all from me for now except to say that I hope everyone has a great weekend. Personally it's my 60th birthday on Monday and I have updated my blog with photos of my son's wedding so if you would like to see what I look like just click on My Blog and it will take you straight there.


Patti xxx


KathyInStitches said...

Happy Birthday!!!

and... gorgeous wedding pix!!

As far as the RR, I am planning to have a random type arrangement and a very simple border.

Lastly- looove your fabric choice!

Patti said...

Thanks Kathy for the birthday wishes. I just can't believe i'm this old!

I have changed my mind with regard to the fabric because I've left it to late to order it I think so I think I'll just get a piece from here that will come this week so I can start stitching on it. I will still get a piece of that fabric to use for something else because I really love it.

Georgie said...

This is fantastic, Patti! I totally agree in using different designs for our square. Thankyou for sharing this picture!

Katrina said...

I think all your ideas are great! The general consensus was 36 is fine but no smaller than that. I agree with you on the border, personal choice and I don't mind stitching it if the owner wants me too :-). Personally I think it's better if we stitch bits and pieces of charts, makes things more unique, but again owner's choice.

Love the linen!

Milycap said...

I love this piece. And I've been thinking the same too. No division where anything can be stitched. I'm sure all of you have good taste. LOL

Susan said...

I love that piece! I also like the idea of not having divisions, so that each stitcher can stitch where they like, within the confines of the piece.

In the past, if I have had a border (and not all mine have had borders), I have stitched the border myself. In my last neighborhood RR, I asked stitchers to use a particular alphabet to stitch their name into the area that would be the border, and I would complete the border around that. Does that make sense?

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday! Wonderful wedding pics! I love your fabric and I'm also using 36 count with one thread over two.