Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lisa's Round Robin - ready to mail

Hi Everyone! I put the last stitches in Lisa's round robin last night and it's ready to go. I stitched Moonlit Garden, which is one of the charts Lisa had kindly sent along with her round robin, and added some grass and a row of Prairie Schooler birds. I used the WDW called for in the chart and the grass is from GAST.
I really enjoyed stitching on your piece, Lisa! Hope you don't mind the blank space between our houses but I really couldn't decide what to put there. Maybe a gate? or that PS birdhouse? anyway I could never decide what would look right and so I will leave it empty. If you ever want to add more of the grass on my side it's Dried Thyme from GAST. or you could send it back and I can do it.
Sorry if the picture is blurry! My camera really strains and groans when it has to take pictures of close-up work, and I took them early this morning before the sun was all the way up, so it looks a bit darker than it really is.


Katrina said...

What about some more grass and a couple of tombstones :-)? Great job, it's gorgeous!

KarinZ said...

Beautiful!! I like Katrina her idea of adding some grass and tombstones. Although I am not into those at all!!! LOL

Lynn said...

Love the pumpkin designs. I have a pattern that is high and narrow and i think it will fit into that space.

janec said...

ok great Lynn!

Lisa said...

OMG!!! I love it!!!!!
And I love the idea of tombstones! But you all know me, a tombie through and through.


KathyInStitches said...

That is soooo snazzy- I love Blackbird Designs too!