Thursday, January 31, 2008

RR Update Feb

Georgie - has sent Jane C's, Has received Lisa's
Lynn -

Sue C - has sent Georgie's
Jane B -
Katrina - has Lynn's
Kathy B - has sent Sue's
Pat -
Lisa -
Jane C - has Katrina's, posting Kathy B's
Susan - has Kathy's and waiting for Karin to move before posting
Karin - has sent Lisa's


Katrina said...

I have Lynn's! Got it a day or two ago. Sorry I didn't post we've had a lot going on. We had to put our dog to sleep this week.

I tried to edit the post but you can only edit posts you created.

Lisa said...

Who has mine??


Georgie said...

Oh Katrina, that is just terrible! You must be so sad.... I forgot about the editing thing

janec said...

sorry about your dog Katrina - awful.

Lisa said...

Oh Katrina, how awful for you.


Susan said...

I have Kathy's. Waiting on Karin to move before mailing off Pat's.

I'm sorry about your dog :(