Friday, September 5, 2008

Georgie's RR!!

Hi Georgie,

I just finished stitching on your RR!! It took a whole lot of courage to stitch my initials on the tomb :-)))) Spooky!
Anyway I hope you like what I have stitched for you and I will send it on to Kathy after the weekend.

One question though....Katrina asked me to baste as she had no time left and wanted to give the piece to me when I was there. I basted a line under my block from left to right as well as to the right of my block. Do you want me continue and if so how do you like it best to be done?? I am in the hotel this weekend (DH has his duty weekend) so you can respond here or on my yahoo address.



Georgie said...

Thank you so much, Karin! I just love it to pieces!!!! I'm happy to have everyone just keep stitching along in rows as it is now. Thanks!!!

Katrina said...

Very fun, I love how this round robin is coming along :-).

Lisa said...

It is awesome Karin! Georgie, I can't wait to stitch on it!


Lynn said...

This is great! I do like this piece very much!