Monday, February 16, 2009

Susan's RR on it's way

This is the last RR I have to stitch on until I get Georgie's... Anyway here it is... you can get a look at the whole lower right corner here

I stitched the Friendship sampler from Hillside Samplings... I ended up with a funny space under the gold house so I decided to stitch a row of roses. I hope you like it, it looks odd now but maybe when you stitch the rest of it it will blend better!

Can't believe it's the end of this project for now! But I also can't wait to see mine.


Georgie said...

Just wonderful, Jane! I can't believe it's nearly over, either

KathyInStitches said...

Very pretty! Love the roses :)

Lynn said...

I like the rose border too! The whole thing is lovely!

Susan said...

Thanks, Jane. As you said, I think it will look fine once I finish up the blank spaces.

I’ve really enjoyed participating in this RR – I think everyone did a lovely job on my piece – thank you all so much.

I just need to get Karin’s in the mail, and then wait for Georgie’s to make it’s way to me, and I’ll be finished!

Thanks again, ladies!

Jane said...

Lovely! I like the rose border also. This has been a wonderful RR.
Jane B